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DOB: January 31, 2000

Zellie is a wonderful little dog. Unfortunately she has a genetic eye disease called Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). The puppy miller that bred her did not health test his dogs, and this disease was passed on to Zelda from her mother. Zelda started going blind from PRA when she was 3 years old. She is completely blind now.

Zelda's mother was confiscated in a puppy mill raid in Clovis NM. She was pregnant, and had her 4 puppies in a foster home in Amarillo TX. Zelda was one of those puppies, and I adopted her through the Italian Greyhound Club of America.

You can read the accounts of the raid in the story below.

Animal house
Dog, cat owner cited for 67 counts of cruelty
Posted: Friday, January 07, 2000

Globe-News Staff Writer
CLOVIS, N.M. - Last week, they were crowded into a house and barn, dirty and unfed. This week, most of them have homes with Clovis residents ready to give them shelter, food and much-needed playtime.

Forty-nine of the 67 cats and dogs found Dec. 29 locked and penned in without food or water have new owners, Clovis Animal Shelter Director Louisa Maestas said.

"(The adoptions are) going fantastic," Maestas said, adding that 16 cats and two dogs need homes. "I'm real pleased with the amount of people coming in."

Police said the animals' previous owner, Alfred Reed, 50, was breeding the "high dollar animals" for sale in New Mexico and Texas.

Reed was arrested the same day on 67 counts of animal cruelty, misdemeanors that carry up to a year in jail for each count, said Curry County Sheriff Roger Hatcher. Reed was released a few hours later on $10,000 bond, Hatcher said.
Reed has not been arraigned, the Curry County District Attorney office said.

A local resident called the sheriff's office Dec. 29 to report that a dog got out of a barn at 1408 County Road L and bit a girl, Hatcher said. Deputy John Higgitt Jr. took the call, Hatcher said.
"When he was talking to the lady who reported it, she said this dog got of the neighbor's barn, and by the way, he's got a lot more animals in there, and he's been gone for a week," Hatcher said.

When animal control and the sheriff's office went to investigate at the rented home, they found a dozen dogs living without food or water in a 150-square-foot barn near the house. Hatcher said one dog died, and the others were eating it.
A screened-off area in a single-car garage held a dozen more dogs living without food and water, Hatcher said. Officers went to the house, where they heard barking inside.
They found two cars outside registered to Reed, along with a week's worth of mail addressed to Reed, Hatcher said. Concerned for Reed's health and safety, officers entered the house, Hatcher said.

"That house was totaled," said Eric Lucero, an officer at the scene. "The cats and the dogs roamed the house at will. We had to chase the animals out of the house."
It had such a strong odor that the fire department was called out with self-contained breathing apparatus to check out the house, Hatcher said.

All the animals were brought to animal control in Clovis, where the dog who bit the child was quarantined because officers did not know whether it had its rabies shots, Hatcher said.
Reed had until 8 a.m. the next day to retrieve his animals, Hatcher said. Reed still had not claimed them by Thursday, Maestas said.

The remaining animals are available for adoption at the animal shelter at Norris and Brady streets. Cost to adopt is $44.50, which includes a rabies shot and a spay and neutering deposit, Maestas said.